Maxima Service

provides a specialized team with long-standing experience. We analyze your needs and transform them into fully customized projects. Starting from the budget. Backed by professional experts, we devise a plan, search for new materials for space and set design and adopt sophisticated technology for prestigious, high-impact events.

We manage these with cutting-edge software, on-line registration systems and an efficient, interactive website dedicated to each customer.

A journey together

Our project leaders will work alongside you from start to finish, from planning right through to production. Motivated, competent and enthusiastic, they are used to shouldering responsibilities and managing each stage of the process independently. They identify with Maxima Service’s corporate identity and culture, expressed in a vocation for service and for quality relationships with our customers and in the ability to understand and solve complex dynamics.

A structured, international network of professional relations guarantees continuity and customized operational management while a choice of expert technical and artistic contractors ensures a uniquely memorable event. With you, as partners, every step of the way.


One key success factor for any project is communication. Maxima Service designs and coordinates official and advertising messages that guarantee your event visibility and gravitas.

Appropriate communications can enhance the significance of a social gathering, strengthen a sense of corporate belonging, promote dialogue with the business community, differentiate and distinguish, create and reinforce corporate identity.

Communication encompasses anything from traditional media to PR, from gadgets to the press office. Everything that hallmarks unique experiences for unique clients.

An enviable network

It goes without saying that the other key success factor is people. And Maxima Service boasts an enviable network of world-class professionals. Top people with exactly the right expertise to ensure efficiency and a competitive edge, on every occasion. Here and elsewhere.

We have contacts and technical and commercial partnerships in all major destinations, airlines and brokers, entertainment services, video production studios, set production companies and manufacturers of corporate gifts and gadgets. As well as Audio & Video, Coordinated Image, In & outdoor training, Advice on Speakers, Transport, Catering, Hostessing, Security and Medical Services.

For years we have been committed to creating
successful events for

major Italian and international banks
Insurance groups
Insurance groups
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies
wholesale / retail distribution and consumer products
wholesale / retail distribution and consumer products
Truck and Bus
Truck & bus
Local government and public institutions
Local government and public institutions
Media and telecommunications
Media & Telecommunications


The Maxima Service's brand that indicates a new approach, one that selects, guarantees and certifies materials and procedures. An excellent chain of partners, contractors and suppliers backed by research, know-how, professionalism and familiarity with international best practices.

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