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Eventoeco indicates a new approach, one that selects, guarantees and certifies materials and procedures. An excellent chain of partners, contractors and suppliers backed by research, know-how, professionalism and familiarity with international best practices.

Green economy: the challenge of the future

A mission for product and service quality that testifies to our sense of social responsibility and environmental awareness. Products and services but also events that are appealing in terms of investments and resources, good for your reputation and innovative because based on reducing consumption and waste and on re-cycling and re-using. Eco events are less expensive because they diversify the use of resources and maximize the fallout in terms of image, and more creative because we opt for non-standard solutions. With costs that translate into benefits for your company, for users and for the wider community, intent on preserving dwindling supplies of precious resources.


With dedicated communications, alternative instruments and languages, new logistics, catering based on bio and seasonal produce, sets and scenery that use low-impact materials and technology and compensate CO2 emissions.